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2013 – Re-start or Leverage?

Since my last communication in January, I have seen an increase in the number of enterprises needing to ‘re-start’ their consulting / advisory businesses, or, wanting to leverage emerging expertise into new services with markedly different offers.

‘Re-start’ a consulting / advisory business

A typical re-start business has struggled to establish the enterprise with the originally intended services and offers.  And in most cases the enterprise has been dragged into ‘un-designed’ services and offers.  This is a situation which cannot be allowed to continue, because the consultants and more importantly the clients, start to get confused and dis-interested as a generalist modus-operandi emerges.  And this causes the enterprise to be drawn back into the pack when the original desire was to breakaway as a specialist or game-changer business.

To fix is not the “respray” that less professional consultants / advisors tend to favour … it’s a re-start, a ‘ctrl+alt+delete’!

And the process is quite simple ... review the ‘un-designs’ and purposefully design the services and offers.  If there’s a ‘market newness’ to these, then design door-opening diagnostic offers and an initial set of remedies to fix the typical diagnosis outcomes.  This will get you off to a flying start.

Leverage emerging expertise

One of the most exciting traits of the consulting / advisory business is the emergence of expertise.  And in my experience this trait is associated with the enterprise which is flourishing … consultants and clients together.

To leverage this very positive situation is quite simple too.

Take the proposals (winning, not awarded, losing (!)) and engagement deliverables and ‘extract’ the services and offers.

in conclusion

Re-start is all about replacement of services and offers, whereas Leverage is all about enhancement of services and offers.

Happy to further expand upon these topics, or any of these Reference Stories.

John Groarke      +61 409 253 684 or reply to this email.

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