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Revitalise in 2014 ... the Year of the Horse

For those of us in Australia and New Zealand this is often a quiet, a reflective, time of year.  Currently, we are between the Western New Year and the Chinese New Year, when 31 January 2014 marks the start of the Year of the Horse.  I am told that people born in the Year of the Horse are clever, kind, animated and energetic.  They are also cheerful, perceptive, and talented, plus they like to be the centre of attention.

I think the same characteristics apply to consultancy / advisory enterprises ... or we hope that it does, don't we? ... except that we want to successfully exhibit them year in, and year out.

Since December I have met with several enterprises that are very keen to revitalise, ie re-establish on a new, usually improved, basis.  Their mood is a very positive one, and I am pleased to report that most are now my clients.

Their optimism and their certainty, about what they want to do going forward, contrasts greatly with the pessimism that I wrote about last year:

Each of these news-mails generated an unprecedented level of approval for, and agreement with, my consultancy / advisory marketplace insights.  And my remedies to resolve problems, and to realise latent opportunities, were warmly received by those enterprises who became my clients.

So, how do I go about the process of revitalisation?  My approach draws upon my proven approach to rapidly start-up a consultancy / advisory enterprise.  Because … revitalisation is about starting-over and creating a ‘new’ enterprise.  But we also need to deal with the past, if elements of the ‘old’ enterprise are to remain.  And my approach works for both ‘new’ and ‘old’.

Finally, I am told that anyone who is born in 2014’s Year of the Horse is likely to be strong and stable with a better ability to make decisions. They will be excellent at interacting with other people, and achieve personal and professional success.

I think that these characteristics can also be accomplished by a revitalised consultancy / advisory enterprise … and this Year of the Horse is an appropriate time to do that.

in conclusion

Happy to further expand upon these topics, or any of these Reference Stories.

I wish you all the very best with your reflective thinking.


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