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Significant announcements

I have to be very assured before I announce or promote anything … I will always be nervous just in case something doesn’t work out for you!

Here are four significant announcements that I urge you to quickly review … one or more should apply, regardless of where you are in the world.

Each announcement is introduced below, and following the links will reach detailed information to support your informed decision as to how to action.


FindaConsultant is a free online service matching businesses with consultants.

I have entered into a joint venture with Sharon Melamed, Matchboard Pty Ltd, to bring her proven proprietary matching software which matches companies’ needs with consultants who can meet them to market.  And one of the main benefits of our service is that consultants have been screened and reference-checked in advance.  Our aim is to reduce risk for clients when they are engaging a consultant for the first time.

We are creating a truly best of breed community of consulting enterprises, across more than 20 categories, 200 subcategories and 100 industries. While this represents immense diversity, we believe that the sheer convenience of a one stop, go-to-site for consulting services fills a much needed gap in the market.

Currently we are focused on Australia, though we already have overseas-based consultants who work in Australia, and also consult to Australian-based companies planning to enter overseas markets.

Please click ‘your’ link:  Consultant  Buyer.


Running Lean (Ash Maurya) workshop

The work of Ash Maurya cannot be ignored.

I know this is a bold statement, so take a look at Ash's work; practice trumps theory, Spark59.

I have secured an additional 20% discount to his Running Lean Workshop to be held in Sydney CBD on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 October.

When you book (!) enter my JEGMC promotional code first, to reset the prices for the two (2) day ticket options, including the early-bird prices (which must be booked prior to October 16).

I have started to deploy Running Lean in current projects, and it's really working for the clients concerned.  And you can definitely substitute the ‘product’ word with ‘service’.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more.


Australian Institute of Management [AIM]

Joining AIM for A$280 per annum, is one of the best business investments you can ever make.

Member benefits include; EBSCO Information Services, AVENTION Business Information, 7000 eBooks, libraries, members lounges, free meeting rooms.

Click here to join:  AIM


Blue Mountains workshop

Finally, permit me some self-promotion!

I am running my popular ‘How to make a living as a consultant … the fundamental actions’ workshop in Faulconbridge on Wednesday 8 October from 9am for the Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber (Biznet).  This leaves you the afternoon to enjoy the good food (you could join me for lunch), sights, sounds, arts & crafts and fresh air of the mountains.

Seriously, if you know a sole practitioner or a boutique consultancy that needs to know the 18 fundamental actions … they may be starting-up … they may be struggling … then this is definitely for them.  It has run 20+ times previously.


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