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Are you getting prepared for 2012?

How prepared are you for 2012?  Yes, I know the holiday season is looming and yes, I know you want to take a break.  But now is the time for the annual major investment in your consulting and advisory business for 2012.

December are January are traditionally low chargeable months ... so reflect upon the year past and the year ahead and invest your non-chargeable time wisely ... please read on for some tips and tricks.

Over recent months I have regularly asked myself - do I keep continue to be proactive with my service offers for the good times, or should I switch to the offers for the bad times?  And the answer has been a continuous adjustment of my proactive vs reactive mix of service offers.  It's leading practice do this regularly, but it's not normal to do this continuously, in response to the fluctuations of local and global economies.

So you should be doing this too.  After all, you developed your foundation offers to meet the common needs of clients.  And some of those needs will be aspirational and future seeking, whereas other needs are problem-based with issues and challenges to fix.  So make sure that your service offer portfolio contains both.  And the key, as I have already mentioned, is to know when to change the mix.  Or better still, to recognise whether your client is a "glass half full" or "glass half empty" client, so that you can orientate the discussion accordingly.

I can assist you with these deliberations - to not only build a profitable and sustainable enterprise (ie to make a quid) but also one that you will enjoy.

You will see good examples in these Reference Stories - where you will get a greater insight into my work and the results achieved, with consultants and professional advisors of all sizes and in any discipline ... clients like you.

I look forward to working with you to prepare for 2012.

John Groarke - +61 (0)419 253 684

Consultant mentor

Here is my Consultant Mentor service offer ... I hope you find this information to be of interest.  

I obviously don't know whether you need a mentor to help you develop a profitable, sustainable and premium-value enterprise.  But I hope that after reading my flyer you might just say ... "I should catch-up with John" for a no-obligation conversation, by phone, by Skype video call or over a coffee.


Pragmatic help for your consulting and advisory business

This is my Pragmatic help for your consulting and advisory business service offer.

If you simply want me to 'run a ruler' over your business with a view to lifting profitability right across your client services lifecycle, then this the offer we should have a chat about.


RESOURCES ... work-in-progress ... watch this space!

I have recently identified four third-party resources which will provide significant benefits to consulting and advisory firms.  It's too early to disclose even an outline of what they do and the value that they will deliver.  But you will not be disappointed when you see them.  These are resources which will help consultants and professional advisors in any discipline.

I hope to launch some of them in my next newsletter.  And by that time there may be more than four.


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