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Keeping in touch - July 2012

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you some insights into what's new, since my last communication in March.  And there's a common theme which binds these insights together - just one project beneath each insight has caused me to enhance an approach which previously worked well ... always delivered great value ... but now delivers more.  So the prior approach had 5 stars, and now it has 6!

insight #1 - Optimising service delivery

My enhanced approach is based on the implementation of a very simple ("why didn't we think of this before") plan that links with my five key models for a consulting / professional advisory enterprise.  It will really help an enterprise which has multiple service areas, with resources that can be allocated to one or more areas, in one or more roles.


insight #2 - Rescue strategy

I 'dusted off' my turnaround methodology, to create a rescue strategy for one client ... so dire was their situation once I climbed on board.  But, we all hope that we don't get into this situation ... don't we!


insight #3 - Rapid start-up

My work with start-ups has caused me to develop a rapid start-up approach, because two of my clients needed to generate revenue yesterday!  And this approach produces a Rapid Start-Up Action Plan, which has two variations:

1.  one for the very functional consultant, who has clearly defined service offers, and

2.  one for the expertise-based consultant, who is delivering their expertise.


Collaboration and co-operation

And finally, you may recall that I have defined the types of collaboration and co-operation that a consultant / professional advisor could deploy to 'grow' their enterprise.  This is a strategic imperative for many enterprises.  You may be surprised to learn that I have now defined 23 types - having recently added 'Complementor' and 'Think Tank'.  I never envisaged so many and my original list which I compiled in 2010, only had 11.  Please note - you can ask for a copy!


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