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Consultant mentor - answers

I am writing to address some questions about my Consultant Mentor service offer.  It’s my intention that this communication clarifies what the offer is about, and the positive outcomes it delivers.

I understand that you may be apprehensive about engaging a mentor … because it looks like an intangible proposition.  We all know that there’s nothing wrong with intangible, qualitative, propositions … they will always exist … but there has to be a tangible, quantitive result too.  And my consultant mentoring will deliver both.

You may also have a perception that there is little structure in a mentoring relationship … I can assure you that there is a set structure.  And there has to be … otherwise, how can I transfer my deep knowledge of sustainable and profitable consulting / professional advisory enterprises to you?

My structure has two entry points, depending upon the maturity of your enterprise and what you did before you kicked-off.  Central to the structure are six groups of success levers – strategy, marketing, selling, delivery, operations, talent – which cover all the business aspects of your enterprise.  I will fully disclose the structure during the first one or two mentoring sessions … because you will have homework to do between sessions.

In practice, the mentoring relationship becomes quite focused on specific ‘problems’, ie the road-blocks that prevent your enterprise from moving forward.  I have never ever had a client where the third meeting started with ... "and what are we working on today?”

When I say ‘problem’ I mean the issues (ie the negatives) and the unrealised opportunities (ie the positives) because both are road-blocks, but in pleasingly different ways.

I obviously don't know whether you need a mentor to help you develop a sustainable, profitable and premium-value enterprise.  But I hope that after reading these clarifications you might just say ... "I should catch-up with John" for a no-obligation conversation, by phone, by Skype video call or over a coffee.

There's only one close - over to you!

Reference stories

Here are my Reference Stories - I will be delighted to expand upon those which interest you.

About half of these stories are about Consultant Mentor clients, but none of their stories state that because the focus was on specific 'problems' as I previously described.

The other stories were about project clients, ie a specific project was defined, agreed and then delivered.  And my delivery approach is very much a mentoring influenced one.


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