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2013 – another uncertain year?

Happy New Year ... I trust you had an enjoyable the time with family and friends … all the best for 2013.

I sense it’s going to be another uncertain year for both consultants and their clients.  After all, I am writing this as America deals with its ‘fiscal cliff’.  And despite an apparent settlement, there has to be some uncertainty as to what will happen next.

For consultants, we are reaching the end of the 'reflective period' - November, December, January - when many of us prepare for the coming year.  And the purpose of this newsletter is to make you aware of four actions that will encourage you to create some certainty within your enterprise.

If you can be flexible and quickly respond to your clients’ aspirations and wants, then one or more of these actions will develop that certainty.  And with that comes confidence, which will shine through during the client conversation.

My four actions are:

  • Develop a core set of service offers that rapidly generate revenue

  • Be clear about your services provider type/s (vendor, specialist, game changer)

  • Prepare for sale, in full or in part, and isolate activities which generate an annuity income

  • Develop topical breakthrough services.

I am available to continue this dialogue, and expand upon these actions … any time … any place.

In the meantime, here’s to a prosperous 2013 for your enterprise.

John Groarke      +61 409 253 684 or reply to this email.


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