Extract value from information technology


The first stage in extracting value from current /  planned investments in information technology [IT] for any business in any sector in any industry,  is to have a management strategy for IT in place.  The second stage is to implement that strategy.

An all-embracing management strategy for IT has six component parts that answer the six key questions:

Information systems

What applications are required?

Information technology How to deliver and architect technology?
Information management How to manage?
Organisation of IT activities How to organise, resource, govern?
Control of IT activities How to fund, appraise, measure performance?
Change strategies How to educate, transform?

What’s required in implementation varies according to the scope and scale of the management strategy for IT outcomes.  These are typical follow-on projects:

  • Business case and cost / benefit analysis development
  • Vendor selection (hardware, software, services)
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Post-implementation review
  • IT service / process improvement
  • Business process re-engineering 
  • Identification of training and recruitment needs
  • Training delivery
  • ‘locum’ CIO, Program Manager, Project Manager
  • IT ‘health-check’, as a precursor to change
  • IT impact assessment and future roadmap, as a result of merger, acquisition, disposal activity
  • Knowledge management.

The methods deployed within each of these stages have been used for clients ranging from small businesses through to large corporations.  For my smaller clients I have not introduced risks as a result of scaling back detailed methods used for large clients.

Results, over the past 38 years

Using methods that ‘find the money’, coach and build ownership for solutions, and fit implementation in with existing programs, I have got the business case approved every time.  And then by using a value-oriented method I have realised the business case objectives during implementation.

In summary, I have helped my clients to:

  • respond to transformations in their business brought about by the pressures and demands of an ever-changing economy
  • interlock IT goals with business goals 
  • provide better solutions to their customers
    • in a business environment of growing risk and uncertainty
    • in a technology landscape of constant evolution
  • develop best-in-class IT organisation, where needed
  • extract value from their IT investments.


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