Develop a sustainable and profitable consulting / professional advisory organisation


A four stage proprietary approach for consultants and professional advisors, with an optional stage for product-oriented services-led organisations that use services to pull through product sales.

Confirm position on services continuum

Pure services

Services as a profit centre
Services as a cost centre
Pure product

Set services provider type Vendor
Total solutions provider
Game changer
Pull success levers according to services provider type Strategy (5 levers)
Marketing (4)
Selling (2)
Delivery (2)
Operations (3)
Talent (4)
Review growth enablers and choose tactics by success levers

Sales and profit growth
Sales and marketing process
Market proposition
Management quality
Client relationships
Quality of fee income
Intellectual property
Consultant loyalty

Align core business functions and processes Service delivery (6 processes)
Business management (4)
Communication (3)
Analytics (4)

This approach has consistently developed more efficient, more effective, more innovative and ultimately more sustainable and profitable businesses.  It has been used to start-up, reposition, revitalise and extend my clients.  It can be applied to any consulting / advisory discipline (eg Design & Media, Financial Planning & Control, General Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal / Regulation / Risk, Manufacturing & Logistics, Marketing & Economics, Performance Improvement, Project Management, Sales).

Results, to date

I understand your need to sustain profitability without compromising service delivery while further developing your business.

My track-record shows that I never lose sight of revenue growth or bottom-line profitability.  For example, I helped one client achieve 6% revenue growth and 30% profit improvement, along with a 10% increase in the number of projects completed on time and to budget.  For others, I have increased the number of follow-on projects, achieved higher levels of client retention, and enhanced knowledge capture.

In summary, I have helped my clients to be responsive to a growing and more competitive services economy with increased pressure on price and demand for more value.  The consequent improvements in services execution and control have enabled delivery of high quality market relevant services.

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