Establish a career and build a business as a consultant / professional advisor


The approaches used assist budding and seasoned consultants / professional advisors to establish rewarding careers and to build sustainable and profitable businesses.  For new entrants, I offer a personalised approach to determine whether or not ‘this is the career for me’ before skills development and business building programs.  For old hands, I offer a tailored expertise shaping program prior to the business building program.

My overall approach combines diagnostic review with training and mentoring to build a profitable consulting / advisory capability that keeps abreast of the marketplace and stays aligned with client needs. 


These service offers are designed for sole practitioners and boutique consultants - as well as any small service-led enterprise looking to build an internal consulting capability or develop a consultative culture.  Embedded within these offers are the approaches I use with larger consulting and professional advisory clients.


  • ‘Fit for the job’ assessment
  • Training -
    • Basic consulting skills
    • Advanced consulting skills


  • Expertise diagnostic
  • Training (custom designed)
  • 'Staying fresh’ tips and tricks


  • Starting a consultancy business
  • Operating a consultancy business
  • Running a successful consultancy business
  • Service offer definition and marketing
  • Selling and proposal writing
  • Delivering a consultancy project
  • Problem solving
  • Rational persuasion
  • Creating change
  • Report writing
  • Making presentations
  • Managing client relationships
  • + custom / bespoke courses


Our Consultant Mentor will help you … 

  • Better appreciate your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish goals and targets for further performance improvement
  • Monitor and review progress in achieving your goals
  • Identify issues that may adversely affect progress
  • Identify opportunities that may favourably affect progress
  • Generate an action plan for solving issues and realising opportunities
  • Improve your understanding of your competitive environment
  • Realise your full potential

Pragmatic help for your consulting and advisory business

A review of your client services lifecycle, with an emphasis on marketing, selling, doing (delivery) and business-building to:

  • establish issues
  • identify opportunities for enhancement
  • design improvements
  • develop an action plan to resolve the issues, realise the opportunities and implement improvements
You pull ... We push, consulting assistance
  • You contact us at any time to “pull” our assistance
  • We “push” suggestions to you once a month
  • You choose what you want us to do
  • We offer solutions and, if required, implement them for you

Results, over the past 12 years

My sole practitioner and boutique consultant clients seek profitability, but many were wrongly positioned and struggled to realise their true value in a very crowded and highly competitive marketplace. By fixing the impediments that result from being ‘out of position’, we laid solid foundations for not only a profitable enterprise, but also for a sustainable and premium-value enterprise.

In summary, I have helped my clients to their increase revenues and improve profits.  In one case we more than doubled both revenue and profit without any increase in resources.

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